President's Message

Diane Neal, Board President

December 21, 2005 -- We often use this quarterly newsletter to thank our many volunteers, corporate sponsors and other donors. Without their continuing support, our work would certainly be more difficult. Therefore, we must again extend our most sincere appreciation to everyone who has made our work possible.

We are now pleased to announce that Cathy Cowgill Flowers will be a sponsor of our "Never Too Old To Be Loved" campaign that we introduced in our last newsletter. This campaign is very important since its purpose is to raise public awareness regarding the advantages of adopting adult dogs and cats. Sadly, many potential adopters walk past the adult animals sitting at the shelter without ever noticing them. Too often, the potential adopters are interested only in pups or kittens. Yet many adopters would find that many of the adult animals at the shelter could be wonderful pets without the potential chewing incidents, accidents and other problems that are often encountered with yet-to-be trained young animals.

As a corporate sponsor of this program, Cathy Cowgill Flowers will enclose informational materials about the Humane Society in their monthly billings to customers and with deliveries for their customers. The website of Cathy Cowgill Flowers will be linked to our website We will also include ads about Cathy Cowgill Flowers in our newsletters in 2006. As a result of these joint efforts, Cathy Cowgill Flowers will donate 5% of net sales derived from the sponsorship program effective December 1 and continuing through 2006.

We are very pleased that Cathy Cowgill Flowers will be providing such continuing support through 2006 and we are hoping that other local businesses will be interested in similar sponsorships. We are hopeful that with their valuable assistance, our community will understand that we are all "Never Too Old To Be Loved."

Diane Neal
Board President

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