A Word From Dr. C.A. Heller III, DVM

Never Too Old To Be Loved - A Vet's Perspective

September 16, 2005 -- When one thinks of getting a new pet, it seems that we always think of a new puppy or kitten. Here at the shelter, we usually have a large number of puppies and kittens from which to choose. However, we also have a growing population of older, adoptable cats and dogs as well. These are usually young adult animals that could also provide a new owner lots of love and enjoyment.

Many times these older animals have had homes previously, and had to be given up for valid reasons. Perhaps an elderly owner passed away, or was no longer able to care for their pet. Or perhaps the owner may have moved to a different home where they were unable to house a pet.

There are a number of advantages to adopting an older cat or dog. Often they have previously been spayed or neutered. They may have also been recently vaccinated. These animals are also often housebroken or litter box trained. Due to previous exposure and previous vaccines, these older animals are more often resistant to common illnesses that can be a problem in kittens and puppies.

Please consider opening your home to one of our older cats or dogs.


C.A. Heller III, DVM
Board Member

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