Never Too Old To Be Loved, A Special Thanks

A special thanks to Our Town monthly magazine and its editor, Donna Nickel. Since we unveiled our “Never Too Old To Be Loved” public awareness campaign over two years ago, Our Town has featured an adult dog or cat in its “Pet of the Month” article.

Our “Never Too Old To Be Loved” campaign is designed to educate the public about the many adult dogs and cats who are awaiting adoption. Often, these animals are taken to the shelter because their owners have experienced job loss, foreclosure, divorce, illness or death. These animals are not “problem” dogs or cats. However, many people are not interested in adult animals. Instead, they want to adopt puppies and kittens without recognizing the considerable time and effort involved in training young animals.

Each “Pet of the Month” article includes a photo and the story about the featured adult pet that needs a good home. These articles tell stories of adult animals whose families could no longer keep them. As the saying goes, each of these animals are “Never Too Old To Be Loved” and they deserve a loving home.

We applaud Our Town for its continuing efforts on behalf of these animals.

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