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President's Report

As we say farewell to a very active and exciting Summer, we look forward to continued efforts to improve the Shelter and enhance the ability of the Stark County Humane Society (SCHS) to care for animals in need and find healthy, loving homes for our furry friends. More...

Mutt Strut 2019

We would like to thank all those that came out and participated in our Annual Mutt Strut! We had a great day! A special thank you to all our Sponsors and Exhibitors that help make this event possible every year! This was our second year hosting this event at the Shelter! The now completed walking path was enjoyed by approximately 80 dogs and their families! With a two mile casual walk and six pet contests to follow, that day was enjoyed by all! Thank you to the SCHS Board of Directors, Shelter Volunteers, and the Venture Crew for volunteering throughout the day!

On behalf of myself, SCHS staff, and our furry friends, thank you! Hope to see all of you again next year!

Jackie Godbey
Executive Director - Stark County Humane Society

Heartworm Prevention Updates

This year, there is a new heartworm prevention for dogs. When heartworm disease first came on the scene fifty years ago, the only available preventative had to be given once every day. As you can imagine, it was very easy to forget to use it on a daily basis. More...

Donation Drive

There will be a Donation Drive at Cathy Cowgill Remarkable Flowers! Take a donation from the “Fall Wish List” to Cathy Cowgill Flowers during the week of October 28th through November 2, 2019 and you will receive a bouquet of flowers FREE!


Pet Photos with Santa will be held at Cathy Cowgill Remarkable Flowers on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2019 10AM - 2PM. Photos are $10.00 per pet and prints will be ready for pick up or will be mailed within ten days from date of photo!

Cathy Cowgill Remarkable Flowers is located at 4315 Hills & Dales Rd NW, Canton, OH.

Dog Parks

There has been a real boom in the development of dog parks in most of our local communities. These are wonderful opportunities for pet owners. They can be utilized by people who have too small a yard to exercise their pets. More...

Meet Xavier!

On March 10, 2019 the Shelter received a call for a dog that was abandoned in a field near 5th Street NE, Canton. Our driver responded and found Xavier. What a handsome boy, but his condition was alarming.  More...

Robert “Bob” Thompson

The family of Robert “Bob” Thompson recently made a donation to the shelter in memory of his passing, and this is what they told us:

Dad always had a special true love for all animals....

Our dad always believed that animals had a way of knowing when things were changing: when a storm was coming, when their owners were sad or ill, or even when a loved one had passed away. He also believed that animals were the best way to put a smile on your face and love in you heart.

Thank you, Thompson family, for your thoughtful donation and for sharing special memories.

Heartworm Disease

The days are getting longer and warmer and with the warmer temperatures comes an increased threat of heartworms. Heartworms are a blood borne parasite that target dogs. Cats are more resistant, but can still become infected. More...

Pet Obesity

With the Holidays upon us, we all get worried about gaining weight. The same holds true for our pets. Over time, obesity can, weaken the heart, cause arthritis, reduce stamina and cause inflammation which may result in cancer. Diabetes can also occur. More...

Honoring those who remember us.

Over this past year we want to acknowledge the generosity of those who are no longer with us or their family members, who remembered the Humane Society while suffering the loss of a loved one. We thank you for thinking of the animals during a very difficult time and would like to honor those who passed. More...

Selecting A Healthy Pet

No matter where you are looking for a new pet, there are some things to look for that will help you select one with minimal health issues. This holds true no matter the source of the pet - breeder or shelter/rescue group. More...

Blue Green Algae Toxicity

During the past several years, there has been a increase in the number of algae blooms in Ohio’s lakes and ponds. What many people do not realize, is that some of these algae blooms are caused by a type of algae called Blue Green Algae. More... Adoption Event will be sponsoring an adoption event for the animals of the Stark County Humane Society on Friday, December 22 from 6 - 8 PM at the shelter.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank for their continued support of the animals of our Shelter.

Please visit to learn more about their mission.

Cinnamon's Story

Cinnamon is a 27 year old Pony of the Americas mare that came to the Humane Society from a backyard in East Canton with a body condition score of 1/9. Despite her age and shocking condition, the old girl has a great will to live! When she rst arrived at the farm, it took her 4 days to pass a pile of manure! A normal horse will pass 4-8 piles of manure per day! Cinnamon has been with us for 2 weeks and she gets a little stronger everyday!

She nickers with joy when we bring her food and she even trots around her paddock. She is slowly but surely gaining weight and shedding hair. She gets fed four times a day with senior feed and hay, plus small turnout sessions four times a day. Once she is stable enough, she will have her teeth oated and will receive vaccinations. We will continue to post updates on Cinnamon and we are happy so far with her recovery process!

Church & Dwight

We would like to thank Church & Dwight of Old Port, OH for their generous donation of cat littertotaling 64,000 POUNDS!

We received the frst truck load on Thursday, February 9, 2017, and would like to thank Gary of Car Kare LLC for transporting it to the shelter and the SCHD staff for unloading the cat litter! On Tuesday, March 21, we would like to thank the local company for transporting the litter, they have chosen to remain anonymous! For the second load we had a friend of the Humane Society offer to bring and use his company’s tow motor to unload; a thank you to Bob Phillips from Action Recycling! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of those who helped make this possible!

Foster Kittens for the Humane Society

The Humane Society of Stark County needs loving individuals to become Foster Parents for kittens. With so many orphaned kittens it is overwhelming for the shelter to care for these little babies. Please consider becoming a Foster Parent. More...


We have all heard the term neutering at one time or another. But what exactly does it mean and WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? More...


On January 8, 2017 at 5:14am Rocky came into our Shelter. It was apparent he had a hard life and was in need of medical attention. More...

Sadly, It Is a Story That We Hear All Too Often

Life happens, & the pets become less of a priority. However, sometimes they don’t become a priority at all & end up neglected. One of the most common neglect injuries that we see at the Humane Society is an embedded collar. More...

Feeding and Stimulating the Kitten

When the kittens are brought home, set up the box with the heating pad in the bottom, followed by puppy pad and then hand towels or small thin blanket. (Heating pad should be positioned so that the kittens can maneuver away from it.) More...

Foster the Fuzzies

The shelter is always looking for foster homes for the motherless kittens that come in during Spring and Summer. This is a serious commitment and requires sincere love and dedication to those in need. Depending on the age of the kitten(s) they may require to be fed every two hours and be stimulated! The Shelter does require that any interested person come into the Shelter and fill out an application.

Want to help those in need, but cannot forster? Please consider donating items for the Foster Kitten Take-Home Box (newborn to three-week old kittens):

  • Plastic Storage Tub to house kittens*
  • Package of bottles and nipples*
  • Container of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement)
  • Box of rice cereal powder
  • Wash Clothes*
  • Hand Towels*
  • Soft blanket*
  • Puppy pads*
  • Heating pad*
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Roll of paper towels

*These items are to be returned to the Humane Society Shelter when the kittens are ready for adoption.

Volunteer Orientation

The Stark County Humane Society hosts a volunteer orientation every Saturday here at the Shelter. Orientation for volunteers is at 11:00am. Please come to the lobby of the Shelter. The Shelter is located at 5100 Peach St NE, Louisville. We recommend interested individuals to come out for orientation and we encourage you to speak with your veterinarian prior to volunteering. Many of us just want to give back. With this, you need to make sure your children, and pet(s) at home are protect from any possible fomite and zoonotic diseases.

Stark County Humane Society Facebook

We would like to invite all members to join us on Facebook. Our site is, Stark County Humane Society. Give us a “like” and keep up with all the wonderful animals of the Stark County Humane Society. The staff would like to recognize Shetzi Powers as our Facebook mistress! She updates the site daily.

Not only is she working diligently on pet photos but also on keeping all the upcoming events and outreaches posted. For the most current details of the Stark County Humane Society “Like” Stark County Humane Society.

For those whom choose not to go on Facebook you may also see our adoptable animals on As always, for more information please call the Shelter at (330) 453-5529 or visit our Facebook page.

Stark County Humane Society/Stark County Dog Warden

Last year, the shelter began working directly with the Stark County Dog Warden’s office to help place dogs at our shelter when the pound becomes full.

In 2012, the shelter along with the SCDW transferred 306 stray dogs into the Stark County Humane Society. By the shelter opening its doors to the “pound dogs” the SCDW was able to drop their euthanasia by 73%. We would like to thank the Stark County Dog Wardens Office, the staff and Board of the Stark County Humane Society for making these transfers a true success for the dogs and their forever families!

Your Kindness Can Live Forever

The animals of the Stark County Humane Society will need your help during your lifetime and forever. If you wish to remember them in your will or through your life insurance policy, our proper name is Stark County Humane Society. In providing for the animals by making the Shelter beneficiary, you can provide for the animals needs after your gone.

*Animals are not lesser creatures than humans; they are just packaged differently!*


The shelter is always in need of newspapers. We accept newspapers as long as they are bagged and or bundled. The shelter recycles any paper we cannot use for the animals. More...

No Time Limit...

Sometimes we see some confusion on our no time limits on animals up for adoption. We have noticed recently that a lot of misinformation has been conveyed to the public regarding our policy. More...

“Never Too Old To Be Loved” – We Continue Our Work

Several years ago, we introduced our public awareness campaign, “Never Too Old To be Loved,” to our membership. This campaign is designed to educate the public regarding the many adult dogs and cats in our care. More...

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